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Hydraulics role in providing green energy

There are some people who think technology causes the destruction of the planet. They overlook the fact that it can be used to provide green energy for thousands of communities around the globe.

One of the best examples of technology and companies helping to generate green energy is hydac hydraulics. They play a major role in the generation of energy through wind power, which is one of the best and most reliable sources of alternative and green energy. Those modern and highly efficient wind turbines move because of hydraulics. These wind turbines can be a main economical source of large-scale electricity generation. Usually, these turbines produce a huge percentage of electricity that can power over 500 houses and it will help reduce the annual greenhouse gas emissions by thousands of tonnes. This is equivalent to planting more than 10,000 trees or taking almost a thousand of cars off the .

The Wind power is beneficial not just to a number of people, but also to the entire planet. Generating electricity though wind power will contribute to cleaner air and it does not produce any harmful emissions and toxic wastes. It is completely renewable, very efficient and highly reliable source of energy. It is highly compatible with other land uses and preserves water resources.

Wind power energy also serves as a boost for rural economic development. In fact, the industry employs tens of thousands of people and generates billions of dollars in economic activity in different parts of the globe. It also generates tourism in local communities which helps people in the locality to earn more money. Local farmers will also earn more money from this industry by leasing their own land for those wind turbines.

Technology and development are not bad if used responsibly. The technology behind these modern turbines---hydraulics----definitely contribute a lot of positive things not just to the people in the community but also to every single person around the world.

Cardboard Bikes: The Greenest Mode of Transportation

People around the globe are more aware of environmental issues, than ever before. The search for greener alternatives is a never-ending journey of sustainability. Finding more environmentally-friendly ways of commuting is not an exception, often at the forefront of this race.; which is why when Israel-based Izhar Gafni’s invention of a road bicycle made up entirely of a recycled cardboard was announced, it has created a huge buzz around the world.

Gafni’s road to perfect his invention lasted more than three years; producing several prototypes before coming up with the final design - which he made sure was affordable to produce, and be strong enough to cater for everyday use. As you’d imagine, the bicycle is extremely lightweight--- weighing in at only 20 pounds (9 kilograms). Despite the weight and material, this magnificent creation can support a rider who weighs up to 485 pounds (roughly 220 kilograms). It was also tested to ensure that it could withstand water and humidity.

The recyclable bike is constructed by cutting the cardboard (which is made from wood pulp) into different shapes for the various parts of the bicycle. Then, these cutouts are folded and pressed repeatedly before undergoing a treatment with a secret mixture made from organic materials that Gafni concocted himself. This treatment gives the cardboard its resistances to water and fire. Lastly, the cardboard bike is covered in a coat of lacquer paint.

The inventor of the cardboard bike believes that his recyclable bicycle is going to have a positive impact, not just for the environment, but also to the lives of people. The projected price of this bicycle is around $20, way cheaper compared to other road bikes for sale on the market. This is going to be a popular option for cyclist commuters who always get their bikes stolen, as well as those who are live in developing countries.

Gafni is truly a visionary in his own right. He knows that the prototype bicycle he has invented is utterly brilliant and beneficial to a lot of people, as well as to the environment. In the future, Gafni plans to produce the cardboard bike in childrens and adults sizes. He is also planning to feature an optional electric motor (which is also environment-friendly) on the adult size model.

Visit this website to view a video of this contraption which will benefit the environment tremendiously.

Recycle Your Toner Cartridges!

Did you know discarded printer cartridges are responsible for over 500,000 tonnes of landfill every year. At The Frugal Environmentalist we find this unacceptable, with is why we're proud to introduce our newest sponsor Cartridges Cartridges Direct are one of Australia's largest suppliers of ink and toner cartridges, and they offer an easy cartridge-return service.

The Frugal Environmentalist was nominated for a 2004 Utne Independent Press Award in the General Excellence: Newsletters category.

"Straightforward home economics advice on topics such as making your own cleaning products and insect repellent. Initial issues have covered junk mail (how to get less), Belgian bike culture, 'low impact computing', and water conservation."--The Utne Reader, February 2004

Save the Enviroment!

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