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Spring, Summer

The Fall and Winter 2004 issues are not yet available as back issues.


Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall


Summer 2004

Staying Cool

Sprouting Beans & Grains

How To Save The World...By Not Driving

Homeopathy for Pets

Spring 2004

Eco-Frugal Cat Care-How to keep your furry friends happy and healthy while minimizing their impact on the planet, and your pocketbook!

Cooking with Cast Iron-Everything you've ever wanted to know about cast-iron skillets but were afraid to ask.

Guerilla Composting-Want to compost but lack a back yard? We'll show you creative ways to recycle your organic scraps, even if you live in an apartment.

Attention Thrift Store Shoppers-Ever worried that you might be depriving poorer people of clothing by shopping at thrift stores? Worry no more.

Readers' Forum-Harrison Moretz writes about What Plumbers Won't Tell You, an innovative solution to stubbornly clogged drains.


Winter 2003


Eco-Frugal Gifts-Wondering how to find great holiday gifts without spending a fortune or compromising your values? Check out these 10 creative ideas.

New Year's Resolutions-Tired of making promises to yourself that you just can't keep? Instead, try out our fourteen tips for frugal, environmental living. Simply do one small task each day for a total of two weeks, and you'll have changed your life for the better. No work required after January 14th!

Make Your Own Candles-At last, a simple recipe for using up all those candle stubs that have been hiding in a drawer for the past few years.


Fall 2003

Secrets of a One Car Family-For the average American family, transportation is the second biggest expense, second only to housing. Learn our secrets for getting by with one car-even while living in Vermont

Slash your Long-Distance Bill-Why pay more for long distance than you have to? We'll show you how to cut your bill to under four cents per minute-and save on taxes and fees too!

Vanity on the Cheap-Reader Natalie Kane shares her wisdom for finding top-notch (yet inexpensive) beauty care products.


Summer 2003

Make Your Own Bug Spray-Sick of being eaten alive, but hate chemical insect repellants? Learn how to make an inexpensive, all-natural bug spray.

Making the Most of Zucchini-Creative recipes for using up the summer's most infamous bumper crop.

Conserving Water-Useful tips for saving water, especially useful during those nasty summer droughts.

Spring 2003

Save a Tree, Stop Junk Mail-Learn a few simple tricks to stop all that unwanted paper from clogging up your mailbox!

Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies-With a few basic ingredients, you make inexpensive, eco-friendly household cleaners and furniture polish.

Spend Your Money on Better Things-Want more money to spend on the things that really matter? Learn how to save a bundle on renters' and homeowners' insurance.